Online commerce is transforming the way we shop and interact with brands all over the world. This is a phenomenal opportunity, so let MySpot take you into this emerging customer-driven world, where the reward is the expansion of your business.

MySpot is the way to add value to your customers’ experience and increase your revenue, by placing you in the technology revolution of this century. MySpot is a simple, user-friendly and cost-effective solution to help you stand out from competition, encourage loyalty and find new sources of revenue.

MySpot allows anyone to book a spot in your car park in the same way as buying a ticket to the movie theater. It’s perfect for large car parks in shopping centers, sport stadiums, or airports. You can even use it to book a spot on behalf of visitors in offices or residential buildings.

Immediate credit card payment minimizes the risk of no-shows our technology and facilitates access and exit control. MySpot can also track and register customer behavior to reward them for their loyalty.

Contact us to find out not only how simple it is to give your customers the intelligent choice to book their spot, but also how cost effective it is to install in your car parks