Across the globe, our clients are looking beyond the basics of just a parking facility. They are moving their businesses into the service industry.

The future of parking will be as a technology driven service to bring greater levels of loyal customers to the businesses that provide convenience, rewards and service; the keys to customer satisfaction.

CustomerConnect forms an integral part of our intelligent solution for the future of parking by enabling a powerful loyalty capability that becomes a lucrative business tool at your fingertips to keep you ahead of the competition.

Brand image and brand loyalty will become defining elements for success in the future of the car parking industry. CustomerConnect is designed to help you create your brand image so you can not only increase your business, but control the direction of that increase to the benefit of your bottom line.

CustomerConnect is designed to be a perfect partner for car parks of any size, to generate increasing levels of return by your customers. Our technology allows us to identify each driver as a member with hands-free access control, while also allowing you to keep track of every visit, transforming parking into a membership system.

Lift the bonnet on CustomerConnect and underneath you will find the data you will need to bring a premium level of service to your operation and so create your competitive advantage.

The possibilities within Customer Connect are as broad as your imagination, so whether your services are for shopping centers, sports stadiums, office buildings or airports, our intelligent solutions will drive your business further ahead of the competition.

This and much more, is CustomerConnect.